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Hormonal Imbalance

All the gynecological issues as well as physical health issues such as diabetes, hypertension ,obesity, psychological issues(depression, anxiety) ,infertility etc., faced by our modern women are almost caused by the major imbalance in the secretion of the NATURAL ELIXIR called HORMONES


Overall Prevalence of PCOS in world population was found to be approx 41%.Prevalance of PCOS among Indian women was ranging from 2.2% to 26% around the age group from 18-45 years.

PCOS-Irregular periods

Regular periods involve ovulatory cycle & endometrial cycle making 28 days interval with 4-5 days menstruation.

At PCOS , OVULATON(Rupture of egg follicles) may disturbed. There may be failure of ovulation, immature ovulation, or late ovulation


Today 2 out of 5 couples suffer due to this subfertility/infertility in this modern world. The causes of infertility vary from couple to couple. Most of the causes are related to hormonal imbalance.


Obesity at PCOS is entirely different. Common Obesity may be due to many causes. But PCOS related obesity is due to hormonal imbalance which should be considered as special type of obesity.

PCOS-Skin Issues

Due to excess androgen (male hormone), the loss of hair pattern in PCOS patients will be like front headed baldness/loss of hair above forehead, thinning of hair.


SIDDHA / AYURVEDIC TREATMENT is the pathway of solution laid by ancient sages like Agasthiar , Dhanwanthiri, Thirumoolar who by their strong intuitive power, treat mind, body, soul. We LOTUS WOMEN CARE HOSPITALS follow their foot impression.

Why Lotus Women Care ?

Why Lotus Women Care ?
  • Uncompromised approach to quality and world-class treatment under in Siddha & Ayurveda direct supervision of experienced doctor , an expert in clinical Ayurveda, with proven track record in healing ailments like PCOD, PCOS , Infertility , Obesity etc
Value for Money
  • The right place for those who are looking for  value for money & value comprehensive advice/treatment and who seriously want to engage in an Ayurvedic cure for best results.
Years of Experience
  • Dedicated service by trained Doctor and therapists with 15+ years of healing legacy and experience.
Tangible Health Benefits

Siddha & Ayurvedic therapies are designed to deliver tangible health benefits in addition to the relaxation they provide to the mind and body

“ Actually I was struggling a lot with pcos problem. Yes the doctor made it she explained me clearly and gave me the treatment friends now iam a very happy and a my problems are gone. Thank you mam”

– Yamini Ramesh

“I had a very good experience. They doctor gave me good treatment she was very patience to answer all of my question..”

– Akshaya Ramesh

“Im much satisfied with the treatment of siddha medicine for pcod. Now I'm cured and my mother taking treatment for uric acid for past 15 days now she feeling better. After spending lot of money for this treatment we finally decided to see siddha doctor and I found Dr. usha nandini is very kind with patients and she notice overall history of patients health and suggest good medicine, this helps us to save money without taking so many medical test in hospital . And medicine cost also affordable for middle class family like us. Note : please follow doctor's prescription and food method properly for best results.”

– Aranthika Sree

“I would like to share about Dr. Usha Nandini in Lotus Women Care hospital Coimbatore. She is a very good Sidhdha doctor and explains the problem just by holding the naadi. I went for my chronic pain and she gave medicine for 15 days and started feeling the relief on the 4th day. So I thought I will share this with you all ladies. I am sharing her details here so that other can benefit. She said, in Siddha, any medical condition has medicines to cure. "

– Mookabika

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