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Dr.M.S.Usha Nandhini, BSMS, M.Sc Biotech
Founder & CMD
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15 Years Of Experience In Medical Service

DR.M.S.USHA NANDHINI started her career as a Siddha Diabetologist. She has treated around 30000 diabetic patients successfully. Her specialty is finding and treating the root cause of a given ailment. Being a Siddha specialist for women, she has faced a huge number of diabetes cases in women. On treating such cases, she observed that most of the cases of diabetes in women were non-hereditary. This observation further influenced her into digging deep into the matter and finding the root cause of such non-hereditary diabetes cases. After various analysis and research in the matter, she found the root cause of non-heredetary diabetes to be HORMONAL IMBALANCE.

Dr. M.S.Usha Nandhini mastered herself in the Siddha hormonal field. Her specialization is diagnosis through pulse checking. Lotus Women Health Centre run by Dr. Usha Nandhini combines Siddha treatment with modern diagnostic tools.

Dr. M.S.Usha Nandini has come across various PCOS and diabetes patients and she is known for treating all her patients only with customized medicines that suit their needs. This further sparked the creation of her own medicine manufacturing unit.
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Education & Experience

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UG degree Bachler of Siddha Medicine and Surgery (BSMS)at Govt Siddha Medical College, Chennai, under the roof of “The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University”.

Master degree in Msc Biotech

Diploma in Yoga

Varma at Nagerkovil

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Siddha Medicine and Surgery , PCOS
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Diabetes Patients
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PCOS Patients
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Infertile Couples
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Own licensed manufacturing unit

With DR.M.S.USHA NANDHINI experience and following the footsteps of her gurus and guides, along with a technical team, find new herbal formulations for PCOS and women diabetes with the help of herbal palm manuscripts, with the guidance of her beloved professors, DR.M.S.USHA NANDHINI started her licensed manufacturing unit. The medicines, she prescribing are govt licensed approved medicines.

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