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What is a hormonal imbalance?

SIDDHA / AYURVEDIC TREATMENT is the pathway of solution laid by ancient sages like Agasthiar, Dhanwanthiri, Thirumoolar who by their strong intuitive power, treat mind, body, soul. We LOTUS WOMEN CARE HOSPITALS follow their foot impression.
Hormonal imbalance is the major cause of PCOS symptoms. Drilling, other laparoscopic procedures will not be a solution for PCOS.
Correcting/regularizing the HYPO-THALAMO-PITUITARY-THYRO-OVARIAN CYCLE , is the only solution to relieve out of PCOS.

Our sages have given many herbal formulations in their palm leaves for regularizing/harmonizing the hormonal cycle. We LOTUS WOMEN CARE HOSPITALS choose those particular herbal natural preparations which help to correct the menstrual and ovulatory cycle. Obesity can also be reduced.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Treatment in Coimbatore

Eat Well - Sleep Well

No dietary regulation with the quantity of food. By balancing the hormones, appetite will be under control. So weight loss will an easy milestone for our PCOS patients.

Regular periods can be attained. Separate external medicine is available for androgen (male)type of hair growth.

Good Bye PCOS

As a regular ovulatory, the menstrual cycle can be attained, PCOS-related infertility will not be a problem for young couples. Without surgery, artificial techniques natural way of pregnancy is possible for all types of PCOS patients. With herbal formulations, with govt approved medicines, without side effects all types of PCOS, OBESITY symptoms can be corrected within 90-180 days of periods. Improvement can be felt within 15 days of treatment after the detoxification technique. This is possible by balancing the hormones.

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